About Us

About onlinemagazine4u:

Onlinemagazine4u gives you a lot of information about these niches (Health, Technology, Business News, and the latest Fashion updates).

The main aim of onlinemagazine4u.com is that give you complete information about health-related information, and also tech, business news, etc

About the Creator:

First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting onlinemagazine4u and showing interest to read about the website, I know that most people will not read long paragraphs, but still, I want to share my background and experience, which I think would be interesting and useful to onlinemagazine4u audience.

Let me Start with My Background,

I am Nagendra, and I have created onlinemagazine4u.com. I take care of all the on-site and off-site work of the website. I am from India and I have an education background in commerce.

I didn’t have any technical or coding knowledge before starting onlinemagazine4u.com. I started my career in accounts, but somehow, I was destined to work in the digital marketing field. My first works was as a link builder (Good scope to become a professional digital marketing expert), which is similar to a data entry job. At that time coding or technical knowledge was not required.

What Made me to Create OnlineMagazine4u

I started to learn more about link building, blogging, and SEO while I was working for my 2nd company. I was introduced to online magazine and data visualization, while we were doing online marketing for the client websites. I was interested in SEO and web development, So I created onlinemagazine4u.com as my small learning project. Creating a website is somehow a complex work for people who don’t have a technical background in web development. The buying domain name, selecting hosting plans etc. was quite a huge task. After some research, I created a blog in blogger.com, which has some good features. Finally I thought of making my hands dirty, learn things by doing it.

This is How OnlineMagazine4u was born.

My whole idea was to create a common online magazine source, where people can get knowledge about health-related, technology, and news, etc. Initially, I had to search a few popular posts across the internet and social media for an online magazine. I wrote fresh content for those onlinemagazine4u, created a submission page through Google doc forms, where online magazine creators or agencies where able to submit directly their online magazine details. Slowly and steadily, we got some listings.

When it was Started

In the middle of 2014, I saved some money and bought the domain name onlinemagazine4u.com. Initially, I planned to buy only the domain name as Blogspot was giving free web hosting. With the help of some of my friends and donors, I got a custom hosting account along with the domain. Frankly speaking, I owe Google search for helping me out. Currently, we have three other partners including me, working on onlinemagazine4u