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In today’s Internet era, there are some websites, which many Internet users do not know.

If you know about these Amazing websites, then I hope you will definitely want to save them as bookmarks or visit them in your browser.

7 Amazing Websites You Will Never Hear About


This is a great website. With the help of this website, you can change any of your file formats to other formats.

In this, you can upload and convert a file up to 50 Mb without signing up. This website supports more than 1,200 formate files.

You just have to upload your file in it and select your format then add your email address. After converting the file, it will be sent to the email address entered.


If you want to share personal information such as an ATM PIN or a bank password etc., then this website is the best.

When you enter your bank’s ATM PIN or bank password on this website and when the work is completed, it deletes all your information from its database.

You will be able to set a certain time to delete immediately after reading the note.


This is a very awesome website. Printing a webpage with lots of links, ads, images, etc. in a browser can be quite messy. lets you create a clean and printable page in seconds. You just have to paste the URL into the website.

They also provide free extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari.


It is very difficult to read any texts with much information and you will not be able to read everything in it.

On, you can paste your text and it will show you all the words from the acquitted. You can change the size of the text box, you can increase the number of words you see at one time, font background color as well as the speed of the word.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts for play, pause, and restart.

5. is highly recommended for those who want to monitor their calorie intake. This website comes with a single page interface that shows you a comparison of different foods.

You can enter the name of any dish and this site will show you how much calories, carbs, fats and protein are included in each dish – making it easy to compare between two foods.


Deleting social media accounts is a very tedious process.

All social network sites are present in It gives step by step to delete the account.

Just search the name of your social network site and click on it. A page will open in front of you, which will include details and direct links for account deletion.

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