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SEO on the page is one of the most important parts of SEO. It can help you get a good ranking in search results and increase website traffic.

Today in this article, I will tell you how to do it in the on-page SEO of any website or blog.

So let’s start…

What is SEO and why is it important

    On-Page SEO Techniques in English

        1. Need to Focus on Content Quality

        2. Must Optimize your Content Title

        3. The Length of Your Content

        4. Create SEO Friendly URLs for Your Blog Post

        5. Keyword Research Before Writing Post

        6. Use Long Tail Keywords for your article.

        7. Optimize Your Images

        8. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

        9. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

        10. Add your focus keyword to the first 100 words

        11. Need to Improve your Website Loading Speed

        12. Need to write a Meta Descriptions

        13. Use Proper Heading Tags

        14. Update New Content on Daily Basis

        15. Fixing Broken Links

        16. Internal Linking

        17. Use Related Keywords in Content

        18. Use Nofollow tags for affiliate links and untrusted links

        19. Use Outbound Links

        20. Add Use Social Sharing Buttons

        21. Use the Modifiers Word in Your Content Title

        22. Use Relevant Images and Videos in Your Blog Posts (other Page content)

        23. Keep Your Site Clean and Simple

Quick Tips about On-Page SEO Techniques

What is SEO and why is it important

SEO means – Search Engine Optimization. This can help you get a better ranking in SERPs and increase the number of website visitors.

If you publish high-quality content on your blog but do not perform SEO, your website will not appear in search results.

When users search for anything, search engines will not be able to list your website in the SERP. This means that it will be very difficult to get traffic to your website without SEO.

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