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For those of you who are looking forward to maintaining their body health a build a beautiful and attractive upper body, you guys should know that the most simple and important exercise that can help you is the pushups. We want you guys to know that even though pushups are considered as easy and doable, there are still some people who are not at all capable of doing one pushup properly, and this is what stops you from the journey towards a magnificent body. If you want to up your pushup game, then this is the best article for you. We want you guys to read this content till the end, as in this article, you are going to get some tips and techniques that will help you in becoming strong enough to complete a full set of 20!

The Beginner’s Pushup Correction!

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If you are wondering that how to exercise at home, then don’t worry about this anymore as in this section, you are going to learn how to exercise at home and how to workout at home in the best possible way. You should know that pushup is a great exercise that can help you in the how-to exercise at home mantra and for those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of it you guys should know that this is a full body workout and the best at home workout that you can simply avail without any accessories or help. Actually, people think that pushups are just the key to abs workout, but you guys should know that pushups are not only the exercise for abs workout. Rather it is best for shoulder workout, chest workout (chest exercises) ; it is the best triceps exercise (push ups for triceps) and also best for bicep exercise. Although people use it to make their six pack workout effective!

Now if you are focusing on how to exercise at home and specifically on abs workout then know that you have to do it in the right way or else you are going to fail in your goal or abs workout and worse you are going to end up having flaring elbows, sagging stomach and even improper depth in the lower parts of your body and trust us you don’t want that for yourself. So if you are suffering from similar consequences and effects, then there is a possibility that you guys are going it all wrong, and it is time to correct it before you pose any permanent damage to your body. It is a fact that pushups are a risk-free exercise, but you should still be careful in doing them, especially if you are a beginner. Below are the six tips that are going to help you a lot in your abs workout and how to exercise at home mantra!

Six Smart Tips for Beginners Relative to Pushups!

Pushups are all about position and consistency and its forms, and the position varies on the basis of your goals and your body status, now below are the points that will tell you how to do the right pushups per day for a big chest or pushups for biggest chest and arms!

  1. First of all, for push ups for chest and abs workout, you should make sure that your torso and your lower hips are in alignment and in a straight line. If you are sagging or sticking your butt up, then you are doing it all wrong and can hurt your ligaments; you must keep the posture align, and if you feel any difficulty in this regard then make sure that you train your core first! Now to tell you about pushup workout for upper chest or push up workout for lower chest you just have to focus on your elbows and arms, you have to make sure that your elbows and your arms are simply in the 15 to 30-degree position extremely close to your torso and wider than your shoulders, you must not widen the gap a lot, and you keep them relatively close. This technique will help you in training your serratus anterior and will be essential in improving your muscle health and overall abs workout routine!
  2. Keeping your legs together is very much important for a perfect six pack workout, we have seen many cases in which individual push out their legs farther form each other, and this is where the abs workout gets more difficult, and the question arises to how to workout at home easily, now the to avoid this query you have to make sure that your legs are together while in a pushup position.
  3. Now the next tips in abs workout with pushups are to contract your quadrants, and you should know that if you contract your quads, you will easily get to the perfect pushup position, and that is what you need to perfect first. If you are loosening your body while the exercise at home, then there is no use, and the pushups nor the abs workout would be useful and effective for you!
  4. Consistency, as we have mentioned earlier, is the key to making the right pushups and this also includes the timing of your pushup, you should maintain a steady speed that does not tire you and ruins your position. If you are facing a problem in how to exercise at home, then the main thing you need to focus on is the timing. In pushups, especially in the beginning, we want you guys to simply maintain a two-second time frame. You must take two seconds up and two down.
  5. When you are performing an abs workout specifically pushups, you should know that your body must be in the shape of a straight arrow. If your body is lean, then it will simply hurt your shoulders, your joints, and your hips. The arrow position is the strongest position, and if you master it, then you can simply master abs workout and can know how to exercise at home in the right way to keep you fit and healthy!

You won’t be able to master it in the first go, so don’t be dismayed about it rather give it some time and effort!

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  1. […] To start off get into the normal pushup position. Then lower yourself down as you would for a normal pushup but simultaneously bringing your right knee up and to your side. So ideally once you reach the bottom position of the push up your right knee should be on your side. Then as you push yourself back up you bring your right knee back to the starting position. You then do another one but this time bringing your left knee up. Once you have successfully done both sides you can count that as one rep. The whole exercise is a continuous movement and you keep going until you have finished your specific amount of repetitions. For Push up tips and workouts check this out. […]

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